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Britney Fans A decent fan site with contact info, media downloads and links to recent magazine articles.

Celebrity Teaser - Britney Spears News, pics, videos and more from this celebrity blog.

While Keri and Darren have not yet worked together on a movie, they have known each other for years through their activism work.

They went hiking in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge back in 2015 to highlight the need to protect the arctic for future generations.

C., during the Reagan era, premieres in February on FX. News learned that Russell and her Brooklyn-based contractor husband quietly parted ways several months ago.

"They have been separated since early summer," the actress' rep told us.

Britney Spears at Maxim We couldn't have been happier the day Britney Spears got her life back together and got back to the fit body we love.

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See full summary » Eddie Avedon's shot at a prestigious movie part, his ticket out of playing Mulligan the bunny in a children's TV show, is ruined after a car accident with single mother Annie Benchley, ...

Britney The official site for the million-dollar diva. Britney One of the best Britney sites on the web, fans can find up-to-date news including tour info, media clips and a gallery filled with almost 2000 pictures. Go Britney Another great site for fans only interested in pictures of Britney.

The Mystery of Britney's Breasts A hilarious flash animation that chronicles the constant up-and-down change in Britney's bra size. Britney Spears Underground An interesting site that displays a collection of defaced concert ads in New York.

See full summary » Sarah (Amber Tamblyn) left her small town in the Missouri area to live in Chicago.

When she was barely out of high school, a tragedy occurred, something Sarah feels was her fault.