Updating htc t8585 touch flo 3d windows updating path

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It indeed does a have a new version of Touch FLO 3D (not the one from the Leo) which uses My Location to display whether on the first tab (but not full screen weather). He's been a technology writer since 2002, and, in 2005, became Editor-in-Chief of Pocketnow, a then Windows Mobile-focused website.

Those of your that sport the unlocked HTC Touch Pro2 can now can your official Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrade, complete with a slightly upgraded version of Manila (with colorized icons and the weather clock).

The update, which comes from HTCPedia, doesn’t yet appear on the HTC Support website, but does appear to be official (we’re trying it now just to double check).(via: HDBlog.it, Thanks Rizzo)Update: We’ve tried this on an unlocked Euro Touch Pro2 and it looks to be the real deal.

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