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Hide Page Breaks: When we run a Microsoft VBA macro in a later version of Microsoft Excel, the macro may take longer to complete than it does in earlier versions of Excel.

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This technique will help User access the data in the VBA Userform only and then if he\she wants to update any info, he\she can update the same by pressing “UPDATE” button and the same records will be updated in the sheet (Database).

Just select a column and choose a number format from the Number pane in the Home ribbon: However, things can become troublesome when trying to apply number formatting to an existing range of data.

You can update the format of a cell, but sometimes it won’t automatically refresh with the new formatting.

This stubbornness usually happens when choosing a custom number format.

You can update it by double-clicking the cell, making no changes, and then press Enter, but this can be very tedious.