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) eyes to Ryan once more, to save the party from its seemingly inevitable drowning in a cold, cruel sea of teabagger jizz.

No one could have predicted that embracing the certifiably batshit crazy tea party could have negative consequences for the Grand Ol’ Party. Ryan had at first blushed and batted his eyelashes and said he was quite flattered, boys, but he simply couldn’t accept the generous offer to throw away his foolish boyhood fantasies of one day running for bigger things, like the White House, and allowing himself to be devoured by the burn-it-all-down nihilists of his own party.

And wouldn’t that defeat be terribly humiliating for the wunderkind, as if he hasn’t already done plenty to humiliate himself also seeking Nancy Pelosi’s gavel.

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Legal brothels are another holdover, from the "soiled doves" of frontier times.

It isn't that Nevadans approve, so much as they haven't gotten around to outlawing all of their history yet.