Funny embarrassing dating stories

In my state of euphoria I just blurted out, ‘how about we hang out Friday night, watch a movie or something? I looked great, but walking in heels wasn’t my specialty.

My date met me at my apartment and as soon as we stepped onto the gravel, I fell face first.

He never asked me out again.—Holly Snelson, Facebook I was with a guy I really liked, and when we got back to his house, I REALLY had to poop.

Usually that wouldn't make me nervous, but I'd eaten a bag of corn for dinner the night before because ~college life~.

"I made a joke about how I hoped he didn’t 'murder me.' He took this to mean I was talking about rape and said he 'hoped I wasn’t a feminist' because 'men have it much worse' and went on a literal 15-minute rant about men’s rape statistics in prison.

We sat there and talked for at least 30 minutes and the girl just kept getting better and better. They dressed me in a skintight dress and five inch heels.

I bolted to the bathroom where I had explosive diarrhea.

I thought that would make me feel better, but nope — vomit started coming out! When I sat to regain myself, I saw I'd pooped on his floor while I'd been vomiting.

A guy invited me over after dinner to watch a movie.

We started cuddling when I began to feel sick from the food.