Error in updating fscopilot dll dating old family photographs

Note: Start Windows in Safe Mode to complete any of the following steps if you're unable to access Windows normally due to the error.

Without reading, the installation of FSCopilot and FSInn is self explaining.

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After several attempts to install FSX Deluxe, sp1, accelerator, fscopilot and fsinn, I cannot get FSX to recognize fscopilot in the "add-on" button in FSX.

To exchange aircraft info, we generate unique aircraft ids, this ID generation algorithm may fails, its why, during beta you must allow us to send on erroneous aircraft, your email so we can contact you to ask you info’s about that particular aircraft, to help make FSInn better.

FSINN Installation problems can occur particularly when re-installing the program.

Ok, I could have easily found it on Compuserve, but it should be easily found on the Internet as well.

We use Peter's programs and documentation quite extensively with Project Magenta, it was and is most valuable to us.