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Today I'm tackling how to tell if someone is using the Internet to flirt with you, or just playing the friend game.Unfortunately, it's often easier to figure out that he's just not that into you than it is to establish his intentions are of the Don Juan variety.But relationship experts in recent studies ascertain that men are not really hard to get, talking about the signals they are sending out.There are things his body language, mannerisms and text messages can disclose about his true feelings.I started to catch on to this phenomenon when I noticed that women are now including things in their bio such as, “Not looking for a pen pal.” Talking to my female friends, it seems there is a small epidemic (or large, depending on whom you ask) of guys who are happy to flood your inbox with messages . Do we have a bunch of dudes running around on dating apps who are too afraid to ask women out?Is there a sudden spike in a desire for female pen pals? With the help from some fellow men, let me try to explain the main reasons some guys tend to chat forever with no date in sight—and what you can do to make it stop.

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The longer he waits to attempt to make actual plans with you, the less interested you can assume he is. And while we’re at it, what are you doing for the holidays?

If he doesn't IM you back after an hour and you know he's online, he doesn't see you as a priority.

If you've had the "relationship talk" and he hasn't changed his relationship status, he's hesitant to announce he's off the market.

He should be wondering what you’re doing on Friday. The right man who is genuinely interested in building a relationship with you will invest his time in making it happen. He will invest his time in meaningful conversations.

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